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Our humility is only rivaled by our tenacious desire to accomplish the dreams of our clients. We are egoless leaders with a laser focus on our mission. We aren’t just here to be here — we are here to impact. We are here to connect people with their favorite brands, scale what is seemingly unscalable, create innovative products, and build great leaders.

ATD is not about one person, it's about our collective vision — a vision to see the world be better than it is today. To see a world where companies have rooms full of happy and fulfilled employees, where dreamers are met with opportunities to bring their dreams to life, and where relationships are not defined by roles or tasks but by their values and direction.

That people would be better for being a part of it. That families would start, lifelong friendships would form, and people would truly find a place that has their back. That every employee would be trained to lead with the capacity to steward what they have been given — building relationships and maximizing every opportunity. That upward mobility would not be a phrase used as a placeholder for hiring but rather a core strategy for growth.

That every person would be valued for their unique giftings, proclivities, and dreams. That we would be a faithful steward of all people and that every religion, color, sexuality, and culture would be respected and cared for. That we would be a place that lives above reproach, that doesn’t just do what has to be done but maximizes every opportunity to do what is right — no matter the cost. That we would strive everyday to outwork, outthink, and out love our previous self because our future truly depends on it. Growth at ATD is not about numbers, it's not about offices or cameras, or about the flashiness of our client list —  growth at ATD is about impact.

We exist to impact the world, one client at a time.


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